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vacuum cleaner Lightweight Stick 2 Speed Adjustable Silent Cordless HEPA Media Filter Rechargeable Stick Handheld Vacuum with LED Searchlight Running for 40 Minutes

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  • -3-in-1 household hand-held vacuum cleaner, high-efficiency dual-motor technology, strong suction power, 2-speed adjustment. Independent motor operates at high speed to meet different cleaning needs, battery life is up to 40 minutes
  • -Multifunctional electric broom: With LED power display and front LED searchlight, it can clean 180 degrees left and right, rotate 90 degrees up and down, and clean 360 degrees without dead spots.
  • -Lightweight stick vacuum cleaner: large-capacity dust cup, high-quality foam filter, avoid secondary air pollution, can be washed and reused. Easy to disassemble and assemble,
  • -Rechargeable upright vacuum cleaner: 2000mAh battery can provide sufficient power. Super heat dissipation on both sides, longer operation time.
  • -Ultra-quiet vacuum cleaner: bass operation, decibels <67DB, so you can clean without worrying about affecting family rest

    Product description

    -Powerful suction, deep cleaning function, in addition to sucking pet hair and confetti every day, it can also remove invisible dust only deeper than 0.3 microns, which is hidden in the depths of sofas and mattresses.
    -Ergonomic handle design: two-way handle, according to the principle of lever, ergonomic design, labor-saving handle push rod, easy to vacuum.
    -Lightweight body, easy to clean high places, girls can easily lift corners, ceilings, lights and dust.
    -Storage space does not take up space and is convenient for storage. It stands upright on the wall, beautiful, does not take up space, does not damage the wall, and prepares for the next dust removal.

    Product name: Cordless vacuum cleaner
    Lithium battery capacity: 2200mAh
    Three modes: handheld / vertical / car
    Vacuum degree: 7500Pa
    Charging time: about 4-5h